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Nurses from the Philippines

 Nurses - Philippines


The Philippines are known for an excellent training school system for their nurses. Every year there are thousands of nurses finishing the nursing school with a BSN looking for opportunities to work overseas.


We work with partner agencies who also are training the nurses for their exam. Therefore we can ensure to present you the best possible candidates. Later we have them trained by a language school which is mainly by native German teachers in tandem with Filipino teachers to ensure the quality of the language training and fulfils the need for your expectation on the working place.

We help you to go through the hiring and language education process with minimum hazzle. Our agency partners in the country will fulfil the legal needs while we help you to go through the selection and recruiting and training process. We ensure a fair recruitment so no costs are burden to the nurses.

For us as an agency it is important also when nurses arrive they will be taken care of in the long run. We will follow up regularly and ensure that all their needs are really taken care of. It starts from the arrival at the airport to ensure to bring them to you. Not only by handing them out adress and ticket but to ensure the personal safe arrival at your premises. We also follow up regularly during their stay within the companies to ensure the wellbeing and a long time relation to you as the employer.

Once arrived in your country we do the necessary steps with the local authorities. For more information of the process please contact us directly.

We support the hospitals, nursing homes and mobile care services that are looking for a serious, reliable and stable partner all over Germany. Our nursing staff prove themselves to be highly qualified, efficient, motivated employees with very good personal skills, who have already distinguished themselves in their previous work with a very high level of professionalism and unconditional commitment. This is complemented by their reliability, their communication skills and their strong team spirit. At AidbyCare, as recruiting experts for health workers, we are interested in finding the best possible long-term collaboration solution for both employees and employers. Since the foundation, it has been our goal to meet nurses with a maximum of transparency and honesty and to make their work stay in Germany as pleasant as possible, but also to realistically show them the possibilities. We offer you 2 solutions: 1. AidbyCare therefore also places specialist nurses in a targeted manner and promptly who already have full recognition in Germany and are already active in the field of health care here. Contact us here for more information. 2. In addition, at AidbyCare GmbH we also place specialists directly from the Philippines. In close cooperation with selected agencies in Manila that are accredited by the POEA and a carefully selected language school that has very good preparation as the top priority, we prepare the nursing staff there for long-term use in the German labor market. All nurses have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) degree after four years of training at the country's leading universities. The subsequent training and recognition process takes up to 12 months. At AidbyCare GmbH, we check and ensure that the candidates match the knowledge profile you are looking for as closely as possible. In principle, the training of nursing staff is financed by the German cooperation partners on an advance payment basis.

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